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Pipe Genie: Multi-sensor Analytics for Pipeline Integrity Assessment

XaaSLabs advances  pipeline integrity management methodologies, leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning and computer vision. Our solution transforms data from diverse sources, including design and construction details, machine and sensor outputs from ILI devices, surveillance sensors, and real-time monitors, into actionable insights. This enables pipeline operators to reduce costs and make smarter decisions. Discover how our technology can streamline your operations and enhance asset performance. Ready to learn more? Contact us for a demo today

The XaaSLabs Analytics toolset streamlines complex processes by automating advanced workflows. It introduces "cognitive agents" designed to take over repetitive manual tasks, significantly enhancing the productivity of subject matter experts (SMEs)

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Customer:  Oil & Gas Super Major 

Customer Pain Point: Difficult to Inspect Pipelines, Poor Inspection Reliability, Highly Manual and inefficient workflows

Use Case: Risk Assessment and Inspection Planning

Inspection Modality:  ILI, Magnetic, Acoustic, Pressure, Temperature

Deployment Modality: Offline Assistance

  • Deployed (Offline Screening Mode)

  • System currently being deployed and scaled globally

Key Results: Post-inspection Data Analysis time saved from multiple weeks to < 2 days

Pipe Genie: Fortune 100 Corp, Global footprint of pipelines

Fusing Multiple Sensor Streams for Improved Inference

Inspection Modality:  ILI, Magnetic, Acoustic, Pressure

Use Cases: Inspection Planning and Leak Assessment
Inspection Planning • Enhanced Leak detection (to augment existing Leak detection systems)


Key Capabilities:
• Visualization
• Flaw Identification
• Flaw Sizing
• Workflow Automation

 Real-time Acquisition Assistance

Website Pipeline case study V001-4 copy.jpg
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